How Does It Work?

Think of Chef's Hat as a bookmarking tool for your recipes. When you're visiting one of your favorite recipe sites, you can click the Chef's Hat button in your browser, and it will then save that recipe to your Chef's Hat account. Your Chef's Hat account keeps track of those saved recipes for you to search and explore later.

How Does Chef's Hat Work With My iPhone or iPad?

When you install Chef's Hat on your iOS device, it adds a share extension to Safari, so that when you find a recipe you like while browsing the web, you just save it to your account by tapping the "Action" button in the middle of Safari's bottom toolbar and selecing the "Save to Chef's Hat" option. The recipe is then saved to your Chef's Hat account and will appear in the app the next time you open it.

How Does Chef's Hat Work With My Web Browser?

Popular web browsers such as Google Chrome support what are called extensions which are plugins for browsers. They add or expand the functionality of the browser to suit the user's needs. In the case of the Chef's Hat extension, it, when activated by clicking it, grabs the recipe content of the page and saves it. This makes saving recipes as easy as bookmarking a web page.

Which Web Browsers Does Chef's Hat Work With?

Right now, Chef's Hat works with Google Chrome on any platform and Safari on iOS. We intend to also release an Android version of Chef's Hat in the future.


Chef's Hat attempts to fetch the recipe data from any website, but it is possible to optimize your site for Chef's Hat. To do so, please follow the guidelines on our webmasters page.